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What Is Advertising Attribution?

Advertising Attribution is the attribution of results to certain marketing channels to get a clearer picture of advertising efficiency. As a rule of thumb, the more granular your attribution, the better decisions can be made from analyzing the data.

For example, it’s great to know that 35% of your revenue came from paid search but even better to know that of that 35%, the majority came from just 5 keywords.

It takes a big picture thinker to realize that even though one marketing channel isn’t leading to direct sales, it can still be adding value in a variety of other ways. One can’t just optimize around the lowest part of the sales funnel without hurting the entire business. It’s this prospective that endears us to our clients.

Measuring Advertisings Effectiveness

Many times a business has us look into their advertising only for us to realize there is no proper tracking method for their goals. It’s difficult, but still possible to optimize advertising spend without proper attribution but the results will always be worse. There is far too much guesswork when proper tracking isn’t set up and frankly, who wants to guess when it comes to marketing budgets?

This extends beyond just ecommerce sales. Many businesses have poor tracking of phone sales or leads. We aim to track from click to lead to sale. The more granular the tracking, the better results will be from your advertising dollars.

This service isn’t as sexy as launching a new advertising campaign but it’s vital infrastructure for the success of launching those sexy big advertising campaigns. Before a campaign is launched the measurement piece must be in place.

Our Attribution & Measurement Analysis

Advertising Measurement Set-Up

Shade Digital has set up attribution & measurement for dozens of businesses. Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s not.

Our experience of allows us to know how to set up proper attribution, to avoid common mistakes & know when tracking is not functioning properly.

Whether your business already has functional attribution & measurement in place and is looking to become more granular or you are starting from scratch, we can help.

Conversion Path Analysis

The conversion path is the path the consumer takes from click to sale. It’s usually a multi-channel and multi-device path that yields insights into the effectiveness of advertising. The select attribution system weighs the value of each click differently, meaning your data looks different with a last click attribution system than a time decay model.

Knowing the best attribution system for your business is key to understanding the value of each step in the conversion path. You’ll find that switching attribution models will dramatically alter the appearance of your marketing channels effectiveness. We will cut through the noise and help you value each step according to it’s real value.

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