Facebook Lead Generation Ad Strategies

Facebook launched what I consider to be the best lead generation product to ever hit the advertising industry – Facebook Lead Generation Ads. When you combine this friction-less ad format with the power of Facebooks demographic/interest/behavioral targeting, it’s a match made in heaven.

What Is A Facebook Lead Generation Ad?

Facebook lead generation ads are an ad format and campaign objective that optimizes around the lead generation goal. The user is shown an ad, either a carousel, single image, video or slideshow. These highly customize able ad formats are great for getting a message across to the user.

Once a user clicks the “sign up” or “get quote” call to action on the ad, they are taken to a pre-filled form. The form is pre-filled using Facebook data already on the user such as name, phone number, email, where they work, etc.

The user stays on Facebook and DOES NOT go to your website. This seems to have a positive influence on conversion rate, as does the pre-filled forms. Once they land on the pre-filled forms which are highly customizeable to whatever lead information you need, they are taken to a legal page. Make sure you insert the legal copy necessary to reach out to these leads or you run the risk of getting sued.

Once the user completes the form you can put a “Thank You” like screen that can set user expectations for when you’ll reach out to them.

The leads will store within your Facebook page under “Publishing Tools” on the lower left hand side of the menu. There’s a ton of CRM integrations to push these leads into your CRM system as well.

Why Are Lead Generation Ads Powerful?

These ads are powerful for many reasons. Staying within Facebook and not going to a landing page increases conversion rates. Most businesses have okay/bad landing pages as it is, by having Facebook design the post-click experience, they’ve created a high converting user experience that’s effortless.

Speaking of effortless, most conversions happen within two clicks. Depending on the information an organization is seeking, most of the lead form fields will pre-populate with Facebook information. Reducing friction leads to higher conversion rates.

Facebook’s advertising algorithms are incredibly good at optimizing around whatever campaign objective you set. Once enough users in your targeting complete the conversion objection, it finds more users similar to them which over time reduces your cost per conversion.

Many organizations that advertise on Facebook still don’t use the Facebook pixel and with this strategy it is not needed. Implementing code on your website is complex and intimidating for people who aren’t used to it. There’s no need to have a optimally set up Facebook pixel with this ad format.

The massive amount of data Facebook has on it’s users gives the advertiser unprecedented targeting capabilities. These targeting capabilities advertisers could only dream of even just a decade ago. Mixing their powerful interest/demographic/behavioral targeting with this ad format produces awesome results.

The different ad formats make for nearly endless creative options for what message your target audience should see. From slideshows to videos to carousel ads, these are high engagement ad formats that will grab a users attention.

One overlooked benefit of Facebook is the massive scale the social network has accumulated. There are over a billion monthly active users on the platform. Whether you’re targeting B2B, B2C or some small niche of people, Facebook has users that match who you’re looking to target. This scale is a massive advantage as an advertising platform.

Strategies For Lead Generation Ads

New customer acquisition is defined by getting new customers who haven’t been cookied and have never been customers before. Most of the time these customers won’t convert at a higher rate because they’ve never been exposed to your organization before but this ad format is so frictionless that it lifts your new customer acquisition conversion rate.

A strategy with a lower cost per conversion is to retarget users who have been to your website before with Facebook Lead Generation ads. These users have been exposed to your brand, know what you sell and have some interest in it since they’ve gone to your website. Retargeting based strategies need to have a good number of users within their funnel to avoid ad fatigue. Using a $1,000/day budget to retarget a user base of 1,000 people will result in ad fatigue quickly. Avoid this.

Video branding is a common strategy used on Facebook. Many businesses spend the majority of their ad budgets on branding. If you combine the video ad format with lead generation ads you have a powerful combination of branding with a frictionless conversion action. It’s a mix of branding & direct response that works well with the right creative.

Some businesses don’t use leads for their business, such as retail & ecommerce companies. These companies can use the lead generation ad format to grow their email subscribers list. In 2018 many companies use email marketing. Lead generation ads are great for adding low cost email subscribers to your list.


Facebook lead generation ads are useful for almost any organization. The pros of using the ad format far outweigh the cons. There are a variety of applications for this ad format and I highly recommend giving it a try.

-Best of luck. Ryan McDonald Owner/Operator @ Shade Digital

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