Cost Per Lead Pricing

Cost Per Call Pricing

Are you looking for inbound phone calls? Pay only when we generate calls. We can set time limits of say, 30 seconds or 2 minutes to ensure you only pay for qualified phone calls.

What you pay is based on advertising budget, minimum call duration, industry and other relevant variables that will factor into the number of calls we expect to generate each month. We’ll work with you to ensure it’s a price your business can handle and keeps our lights on.

As an example, if we agree to $10 per phone call over 30 seconds and we generate 100 qualified calls in a month, you would pay $1,000 for our services that month. If the next month we only generate 50 qualified calls, you would pay $500 that month.

We also take your margins into account with this pricing model. If you need to generate phone calls for $25 or $75, we only get paid if we’re able to hit your efficiency targets. If we generate 100 calls at $75 per phone call, but your goal is $50 per call, you owe us nothing for the month.

We believe our clients should only pay for results. This pricing aligns the clients goals with Shade Digitals goals. We both want to make more money, and the best way to do that is to ensure we get paid when you hit your goals. With our Cost Per Lead pricing, we are incentivized to drive as many calls for your business as possible.

Cost Per Form Submission Pricing

Do you collect leads via a contact form or a quote form? Pay only when we generate form submissions at your cost per lead goals.

If your goal is $25 per form submission and in the course of a month we generate form submissions for $30 per form, our services are free for that month. Our goal is to hit your advertising goals and we only want to be paid once we’ve achieved that.

We are confident enough in our skills to use Value Based Pricing as opposed to most agencies who use Cost Based Pricing. When agencies force clients to pay on a Cost Based Pricing system, they are not incentivized to hit your business goals. They charge a percentage based on advertising spend, not the value created from the advertising.

Our pricing will be tailored towards your business. Relevant factors for Cost Per Form Submission pricing are monthly advertising budget, industry, cost per lead goals & other variables. We have a expert understanding on what it takes to be successful for lead generation and price according to those variables.

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