Cost Per Sale Pricing

Pay A Fixed Fee Per Sale

Ideal pricing model for Ecommerce companies. Pay based on a fixed fee per sale when we hit your cost per sale goals.

If your Ecommerce company needs to generate sales at a $50 cost per sale, we only get paid if we’re able to match that over the course of a month. If at the end of the month our cost per sale is $55, you pay nothing for our services that month.

The fixed fee per month is tailored to your business. It’s dependent on your monthly advertising budget, your websites conversion rate, your industry & your price points among other factors.

Before we begin, we’ll do research and discuss with you what an appropriate fee per sale is for your business.

This pricing model aligns the interest of the client and the agency by ensuring we only get paid when you hit your cost per sale goals. Our incentive is to hit your cost per sale goal while maximizing sales, as that brings in the most money to both the agency and the client.

This pricing plan is a Value Based Pricing system as opposed to a Cost Based Pricing that most agencies force on their clients. Most advertising agencies get paid no matter how well the client does because they charged a monthly fee, hourly rate or percentage of adspend. Those pricing models do not align the interests of the client and the agency.

We’re building a better advertising agency model that’s based on client success, not client costs.

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