Cost Per View Pricing

Pay Based On Video Views

Ideal for video advertising & branding.

You have a message, and you want the right people to see it. How do you know who the right audience is? The audience who engages the most is your best target. We work to maximize the amount of people who see your video with little to no spillage.

Pay based on a standard video view, 25% viewed, 50% viewed, 75% viewed or 100% of video viewed, it’s your choice! Rates are based on variables such as advertising budget, strength of creative, strength of brand, target video view completion rate & other variables. We’ll work with you to determine an appropriate price based on your goals.

Video advertising online is typically cheaper than traditional advertising, provides better targeting options and improves measurability of creative. The ability to segment creative to specific niches within your target audience improves your chances of success over traditional advertising.

For larger budget advertisers we’ll work with specific platforms to conduct studies on the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. We can measure ad recall rate, brand lift & purchase intent to further show the impact of effective video advertising.

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