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Digital Strategy For Businesses

For a business that’s not well versed in digital commerce and advertising, the whole concept can be overwhelming. It’s not as simple as just building a website and saying you now have a “digital strategy”.

Shade Digital has formulated digital strategy for large ecommerce companies to brick and mortar retailers to local doctors offices and insurance companies. No two businesses are the same just as no two business strategies are the same. There are far too many variables for an “out of the box” solution.

Digital Strategy For Political Campaigns

In the 21st century it’s not just enough to have a Facebook page and a website if you want to win an election. It’s about controlling the messaging, segmenting the messaging to different demographics and getting your base out to vote.

While a good digital strategy doesn’t guarantee victory, it’s hard to imagine winning without one. The internet is growing as the main communication platform for Americans. Doesn’t it make sense to reach them where they already spent the majority of time?

It’s time to move beyond the yard signs and billboards. While they have their place, it’s simply insufficient in 21st century America.

Vetting Potential In-House Candidates

Many businesses prefer to build an in-house team of digital experts rather than outsource. There are pros and cons to both approaches but for those businesses that want to build an in-house team but have no way of vetting their talent, we can help.

We can look at resumes, ask technical questions during interviews or drive applications of qualified people to apply for your open positions. Hiring is a big decision, let us help make sure it’s the right decision.

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