Eat What You Kill Pricing

Eat What You Kill Pricing is a more memorable way of saying value based pricing. It aligns the incentives between the client and the agency. We get paid off of our results. Instead of up-selling you, when we want to make more money we are forced to drive more value for your business.

By making both of our goals increasing your revenue, we’re both rowing in the same direction. No longer constrained by the reverse incentives of time based or cost based pricing, we have a single minded focus on growing your business. This has a powerful positive effect on the relationship.

What Exactly Do You Mean By Eat-What-You-Kill Pricing?

Revenue Sharing

We share revenue generated as a result of advertising. We agree beforehand on an attribution method. The exact share of revenue we take differs depending on several variables but is typically between 5% – 12%.

Cost Per Sale

We take a fixed sum of each sale generated by advertising. We agree beforehand on the attribution method. This fixed sum will vary by product category to take your margins into account.

Cost Per Lead

We take a fixed sum for each lead generated. We agree to the attribution method beforehand. We can set different values for contact forms, phone calls and other variables.

Who Qualifies For This Pricing?

$10,000+/Month In Advertising Spend

Organizations must meet a minimum monthly adspend requirement. The minimum is $10,000/month or $120,000 in a year.

Tracking & Attribution

Proper tracking and attribution needs to be in place to measure results. If you don’t have it set up, we can do it for a fee and switch to value based pricing after the project is completed.

Conversion Actions On Website

Users need to be able to convert on your website. Make sure that whatever goal you want a user to complete (purchases, phone calls, contact form submissions, etc) it must be on your website.

A Growth Mindset

We want to partner with companies that want to grow. We get paid based on driving your revenue and we only want to partner with companies that are willing to manage high growth rates.

Why Shade Digital?

We’ve taken companies from 0/leads day to 3,000/leads day in two months. Not only did we bring in a lot of leads, those leads converted 3x better than their purchased 3rd party leads.

We worked on an Adwords account for a $100million ecommerce company. Over the course of a year we grew revenue from that channel over 100% and increased efficiency by 16%.

We’re hungry to grow businesses. Are you?

Let's Grow Together