International Advertising

international advertising

Grow Sales By Going International

You’re ready to expand and start selling internationally and that’s great but what’s your traffic acquisition strategy like? There are unique things to know about targeting an international audience successfully that make it inherently risky but the reward can be massive.

In many markets, it’s less expensive to advertise than it is in the United States. If a business can maintain similar conversion rates to the United States, the savings in advertising costs will result in demonstrably better return on investment.

While many of the fundamentals of successful online advertising are constant across markets, there are differences in the execution of strategies, timetables, adcopy & traffic quality. As an example, when targeting India it’s important to remember Diwali and other national holidays and framing adcopy & offers around that. In China, Singles Day is the single largest shopping day of the year, no fourth quarter Christmas shopping season there.

These slight changes in execution will have a massive impact on the ROI of going after an international audience. It’s far more than copy/pasting your current campaigns and changing geolocation targeting.

Set yourself up for success by having professionals handle your international advertising.

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