Lead Generation

lead generation

Inbound Phone Calls

It’s so much easier to sell someone when they’re the one who calls you. Some studies have found that inbound phone calls convert 4x to 5x better than standard contact forms alone. With the rise of mobile as the dominant form of internet traffic, it’s made the task of driving phone calls easier.

Some businesses whole sales strategy relies on selling over the phone. For these clients landing page changes are usually needed to improve the visibility of the phone number as well as it’s call to action.

For some clients, users may not even need to go to the landing page to feel confident enough to call. In those instances, Facebook call only ads and Adwords call only ads can provide a high return on investment. For one insurance client, the switch from sending traffic to their website to implementing call only ads resulted in a 75% reduction in cost per call while doubling the number of calls in a day.

Quote & Contact Form Submissions

In some industries, the online quoting form or a standard contact form is the appropriate way to conduct lead generation. While they don’t convert as well as inbound phone calls, they can make sense in a variety of use cases and can drive in higher volume than phone calls.

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