Revenue Share Pricing

Share Revenue On Traffic Generated

Ideal for Ecommerce companies.

This option is similar to our cost per sale pricing but takes into account variable average order values. Instead of paying a fixed fee per sale, a company shares revenue on traffic generated by Shade Digital. The percentage shared is a sliding scale that reduces as adspend grows.

Like our other Value Based Pricing options, we can build in efficiency targets to ensure that your advertising is profitable and stays profitable or we don’t get paid. Our efficiency targets can be on a cost per sale or return on adspend basis.

As an example, if your cost per sale goal is $75 and after a month we’ve generated you sales but at a cost per sale of $80, our services for that month are free.

By sharing revenue on traffic generated, we’re aligning the interests of the client & agency. If we want to get paid more, it means we need to increase your sales. With built in efficiency targets, we need to ensure profitable acquisition in order to get paid.

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